About Us


Welcome to us! My name is Helene and I live in Åre, Sweden with my family and our Chihuahuas. Teuqila is our oldest bitch, first chihuahua and therefore the strain of our breeding. She was born in July -07 and is the worlds most happiest little dog. She loves everyone and has a brilliant temperament. Teuqila has done well at dog shows and took her Swedish champion title in June-10. Now she is International, Nordic, Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian Champion. Shows are accompanied by the love of dogs, one of my main interests. For me, one of the most important breeding ambition is to promote a good mentality. I strive to breed happy, healthy and typical dogs who feel they have their place in life. We have therefore chosen not to have more than a maximum of 6 dogs at home at the same time. We do breeding on a small scale  with about 1-3 litters each year. Our dogs enrich our life with incredible joy every day and there are no words for how much they mean to us. The 22/10-08 I got approved the Kennel name Dreampaws. I choosed this name for my incredible joy and fascination for this breed. I have had various animals all my life but the Chihuahua is here to stay. I can not imagine my life without them. I try to breed healthy and typical dogs with special emphasis as a good mentality. The chihuahua should be happy alert curious and fearless. It’s also important that the chihuahua works well with children and other dogs. We are an FCI registrated Kennel. I’m a member of The swedish kennel club and the swedish chihuahua club. I also sits as a board member in the swedish breed club Chihuahuacirkeln. All my dogs are patella and eye checked before breeding. Since 2010 we have 8 home breed Champions and several of them also got Winner titles and BIG & BISS placements. Dreampaws where top 2 breeder in Sweden 2013, Top 3 2014 & Top1 Breeder 2015!